No Cars on the NJ Turnpike


A sixty-second exposure of the northbound NJ Turnpike, just a few miles before the George Washington Bridge.  Since it’s a pinhole, the fencing is in focus despite it’s being almost right up against the camera.  I was using yet another camera, with a 4-inch focal length, and a 0.57mm pinhole. There was a lot of traffic.


Nearby, I took this image of the bridge into the New Overpeck Park, with overgrowth and a blank billboard.  The day was so cloudy, I had to use a seven-minute exposure, but that made the light areas, and the sky, get overexposed.  The blue arrows on the map show the location from which I took the shots. Overpecky

And I have no idea what went wrong with this shot of a telecommunications tower!


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