Hackensack Noir


It was a dark super moon evening, and I decided to take some shots of Hackensack, in color, with lenses!  The county courthouse looks classic(al), a bit pompous, and cold.  Certainly, there is a lot of doubt regarding the quality of justice dispensed therein.IMG_3873

The Bergen County Jail, where I visit immigrant detainees, looks pretty creepy.  This is a view of the “residential” area where my inmate friends live.  They describe to me what they see out of the window slits, and ask me questions about it.  I was shooed away by a policeman after a few minutes.


And COSTCO, alas, that temple of consumption, looks rather forlorn.  This one is no longer a regular store, but many were the days when I visited it and the lot was filled with happy shoppers pushing carts laden with tons of materiel…


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