NYC Subway Time

With all the talk in the City about the poor and overcrowded state of the subways, I thought it would be a nice time to revisit this video of mine – 40 years old! – made as an homage to the trains.  It is followed by a clip paying homage to 2001 which uses some of the same visual themes.

I made the piece during a summer class in video at NYU.  The camera was about the size of a very large dictionary, and the the recording mechanism was slung over your shoulder and weighed a ton!  I converted the video from 3/4″ tape to DVD several years ago at a video restoration lab in San Francisco.

The late sequence of the train moving through the tunnel as the Saint-Saëns music builds to a climax links the piece to the following bit inspired by 2001 and my night driving on the NJ turnpike.  I have always been a time-space traveler! 🙂

These videos, and others I have made, are available on my MUNDO VIDEO!! page at this blog.

9 Responses to NYC Subway Time

  1. Regina Merwin says:

    What a time capsule! Well done, Gary.

  2. manofroma says:

    Post Post Scriptum

    And I made a post out of your self-portrait 0003 movie.
    Happy New 2019, my friend!
    [so, this is now my earliest post, ndr]

    • Lichanos says:

      Hope you can see all my videos in the Mundo Video tab. Some seem to be disabled in WordPress. I had some copyright issues with Bob Dylan’s legal hounds (Abraham and Isaac), but believe I resolved them!

      • manofroma says:

        I have seen a few. Didn’t have much time though. I am 70 now, all our efforts are on 2 house rentals and one small hotel, Domus Colosseo Hotel, we have created and own (but do not manage it). These facilities are 300 yards from the Colosseum. 15 years of troubles and fatigue. But we see now a light in the dark lol.
        Although, I want to be frank, I am much more devoted to a story (a novel) I am writing since 10 years where I am putting all my life, experiences blog posts etc.

      • manofroma says:

        Where those videos regarding the Minnesota bard?

        • Lichanos says:

          On my blog, there are three tabs: Home; By Way of Explanation; and Mundo Video!! (Should have called it, Il mondo video, hee hee.) The videos are there, but some will tell you that you must watch them on YouTube – don’t know why – and will give you a link. This is the link to Abraham and Isaac/Highway 61:

          BTW, thanks for the introduction: I think my wife likes the “eccentrico” part.

          • manofroma says:

            Mundo… Spanish is more important for you people in the US than Italian, I guess. Well, it was meant to be a good introduction.
            She thinks you are eccentrico? You are, e gli eccentrici sono migliori, better, delle persone piatte (flat, dull) 🙂
            And, in order to embed the video depicting yourself (great btw) I had to open it in Youtube.
            I’ll follow your link

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