Death and Cases

Death and taxes are certain: cases and death are certain too in the USA these days. (We’ll, rich people certainly don’t have to pay taxes…)

The steeply rising curve shows the number of new confirmed COVID19 cases reported each day in the United States, minus the Tri-State area of NY, NJ, and CT. The declining curve at the bottom shows the number of new cases in the Tri-State area, which was the epicenter of explosive growth in the infected case count a couple of months ago. Remember that? These curves are plotted against the axis on the left.

The black line is the number of reported deaths from COVID19 reported each day throughout the USA, and it is plotted against the right-hand axis. The Tri-State area, like most of the European Union, even Italy, which was at first Exhibit A for COVID19 disaster, has gotten a strangle hold on the virus: new cases are precipitously down, and new deaths are in the single digits. If only the rest of the country will stay away, maybe we can stay safe!

The death rate is still relatively low, but it has stopped declining, and it rising. It’s only a matter of time before the spreading virus leaves the community of those bar hopping young ‘uns and hits the more vulnerable population, pulling up the death rate. (Young people die too!)

Can Trumpy Kool-Aid drinkers ignore a death toll of more than 250,000 by election day?

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