Manhattan Ramble on the 4th

A glorious day today, so I walked from the 42nd Street Bus Terminal to Washington Square Park. Along the way, a few buildings caught my eye.

Of course, I’m always sentimental about The Empire State Building. Happy to see that the memory of Kong is kept alive.

Some might see the pairing of the spires below, reaching to transcendent spirits or mammon, as ironic, but I don’t. This city always worshipped money.

Across the street, I was intrigued by this Art Deco facade, so I went around to check out the lobby.

There was a only a security woman sitting at a desk, alone in this golden lobby/coffin. It seems like an Egyptian burial chambers. Maybe the idea is that all the workers in the buildings are dead and are being transported to a realm of gold.

Golden Tomb

A few weeks ago, I went to see the Charles Ray show at the Met. The image below on the left is of the piece, “Family romance.” This image on the right is from a favorite store of mine that, besides being a great bookstore, has all sorts of Japanese merchandise. These figures, which I thought of when I was at the Ray show, are “blind box” figures. I believe they are sold from vending machines primarily, a rage across China and Japapn. You don’t know which of the six or eight item series you will get in the box, and there is always one super rare item in the series that only a very few will get. I prefer these to the Charles Ray sculptures.

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