Images of Anxiety

March 30, 2011

George Tooker, a painter of weird, ‘magic-realist’ images of dread and anxiety died, and is written up in this NYTimes obitFor most of his life, he was outside of the artistic ‘mainstream,’ but his images are familiar to many from book covers and magazine illustrations.  

Farley Granger also left this world:  according to the Times obit, he was a ‘screen idol’ and a rather independent minded fellow.  I know him only from two fine film noir classics which I discussed here, and as we all know, noir and anxiety are good companions.

Fashion Science

November 16, 2010


On my subway trip this morning, these two people were suddenly staring down at me from every bit of advertising space in the car.  They seemed familiar… oh yes, the Hobbit guy, and Charlize Theron.  It’s the new blitz for a big Japanese winter clothing line.

What caught my attention first was the copy touting the “heat generating” qualities of the clothing.  Hmm…is it some sort of solar-powered fashion skin?  Further down in the text it says that “this revolutionary material keeps you warm by retaining body heat.”  In other words, it does what clothing has done since man first slew beast and wrapped himself in its skin.  Whether it does it better, and with more flair, let the market decide!