Brain Bats of Venus!

June 11, 2018

Couldn’t resist, had to post this one too!

Where Monsters Dwell

June 11, 2018

I just had to post the entire set of pages from this Basil Wolverton comic!  I love the way he presents the moral dilemmas of the characters, reduced as they are to a state of savage kill or be killed state of existence, all because of a mad scientist with a grudge against the press.

Cast into the netherworld, the hero of the strip is immediately faced with the dilemma common to westerns:  cooperate with the struggling community; or strike out on his own.  He goes it alone, and he even escapes.  But in the end, he is tormented by his ties to the community he left behind.

Basil Wolverton on the Human Condition.

Love Basil Wolverton!

June 10, 2018

The image above is from “Brain-bats of Venus.” It concludes with an ironic twist that anticipates the likes of George Romero and others.

The next image is from “Where Monsters Dwell,” the tale of a dimensional netherworld to which men are given acces by a mad scientist’s special light beam. It concludes with an ethical conundrum, and asks, “What would you do?”
77365325-432F-4808-9F5B-496693F0E072Endless thanks to Pappy for posting hundreds of Golden Age Comics! 🤓🤗👍  Wolverton’s Bible is worth checking out, too!  The End of Days arrives in the image below.

MAD about Wolverton

July 24, 2009

From his "Kiss" series

From the collection of Glenn Bray, on display at this Exhibition.

Wolverton wrote for the comics, for MAD Magazine, where most of his fans probably encountered him, and produced an amazing set of illustrations for the Bible published by the California church of which he was a member.  Looking at his images, it’s clear he was a formative influence on many artists in the undergound comix scene, Art Crumb, among them. (See the Snoid  after looking through Wolvertson’s stuff if you don’t believe me.)