By the numbers…

May 20, 2009


214,753 bloggers, 211,733 new posts, 51,364,877 words today.

That’s the news at the WordPress dashboard today.  Now, I like the Internet, and blogging…obviously, but a dyspeptic critic might look at that line and say, echoing Gustave Flaubert’s apocryphal remark,

 “The Internet allows lots of people to meet and be stupid together!”

Could you ask for a better statement of the essence of mass society?  Nothing matters but numbers.  Quality?  Only numbers.  See how many words we have!

Editorial Statement

February 4, 2008


Sorry to intrude myself so personally here – not that I am not present everywhere in this blog – but I feel the need to unburden myself in a particularly intimate way just now. No, I will not reveal the nature of my sexual, dining, or foot care product preferences. I do feel like making an editorial statement after having spent a fair amount of time in the past weeks looking at other blogs around.

Well, I promise that I will not post long lists of favorite this’s or that’s. Why do people do that? Would you be interested in seeing a list of my favorite books and films? I know there are plenty of better review sites.

How about putting video clips of favorite films here? I thought of that, but you can go to Youtube for that. Music…ditto. And who cares what I think about music anyway, I can’t even play an instrument.

Alas, this blog remains nothing but a running tally of what ideas are on my mind from day to day. I think that’s why it gets so few readers. That is, who cares about ideas anymore?   And who cares about my ideas?

I have realized that the best ways to increase the traffic to my blog would be to post lots of sexy (I should say, pornograhic) pictures of women in various states of undress and arousal; to discuss sex a lot; to engage in vitriolic ranting and raving about political subjects in an obnoxious and insulting way; and to go out of my way to provoke people everywhere. But that would be to become part of mass society at its worst – another voice in the wilderness of the mass-net, with a wide and shallow readership – contributing to the deafening roar of nonsense in our world. Instead, I remain the sole village idiot of my own little intellectual hamlet.