Resentment Politics…

September 5, 2008

Yeah, so, Krugman has a column today about the skill with which the Republicans manipulate feelings of resentment – or shall we say resentiment? – in our body politic.  Isn’t this the fuel that fed the fire of Hitler’s rise?  The simmering anger of the better-off-than-workers-but-not-well-off-enough-not-to-be-worried class? 

The key to this feeling in politics is that it isn’t logical.  People feel pissed off, pissed on, and treated unfairly – and they are!  But not by the people they think, necessarily.  I mean, Romney, a gazillionaire and former governer of Mass. railing against the Eastern Elite?  Pleeeezzzz… 

So why do Republicans get away with this?  Because they play dirtier politics?  I think not.

The best rejoinder to the politics of resentment is to tell it like it is.  You feel spat upon, well THIS is who is to blame.  And here’s why…It’s not hard to lay out the facts, and people aren’t stupid.  For instance, it is a dirty little secret that the Republican party has wanted to eliminate, not fix, Social Security from the day it was implemented.    And they very much like reducing taxes on the top 1% of the people, especially when everyone else will pick up the slack.  And that estate tax that all those regular folks are upset about even though it doesn’t apply to them, they’ll be happy to see that go too.

Why don’t the Democrats say more of this flat out?  I think it’s because when they do, the Republicans accuse them of fomenting “class warfare”.    The Republicans fear that, rightly, as they have NO answer to it.  And the Dems…they usually pull back because, after all, they get a lot of their money from the same people as the Republicans.  We’ll see what happens this time…

Did ya hear the one about the war hero?

August 18, 2008

Did John McCain listen in on Obama as he was interviewed?  He was not in the “cone of silence.”  His aid had this to say:

“The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, cheated is outrageous,” Ms. Wallace said.

Get ready for more of the same.  I foresee something like this:

Mr/Ms fill in name stated that it was

choose one: [outrageous, scurrilous, sickening]

to imply that John McCain, a FORMER PRISONER OF WAR AND A WAR HERO had

choose one: [lied, failed to fully disclose the truth, made a mistake, mispoke, voted for something he now opposes, opposed something he now supports, accepted money from rich people, insulted anyone, etc.]