Help me stop listening!

November 12, 2008

Pop songs are supposed to have a “hook,” that irresistible little jingle part that you can’t stop humming, that keeps you playing it over and over. But what if the entire song is a hook?! That seems to be the case with Mina Mazzini singing “Se telefonando.”

How many times can I listen to this before I start jabbering madly?

Mina is a type of pop star that is no longer with us, I think. Can Celine Dion compare to this? I guess her fans think so, but this elegance, classy sexiness, and joyful delivery…I dunno.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is great, but something was left behind too.  And clearly, Mina is riding a wave here.  Look at her face around tracking 1:47 – “Uh huh,  you bet I’m singing this song..!”  I read that when she heard the first few notes played to her she grabbed the sheet music and sang it like crazy as if she’d been singing it all her life.

The song seems to repeat the same notes endlessly, the same phrasing, though the words change. If only I could find a decent translation – but really, does it matter?

Thanks to the indefatigable Jahsonic for bringing this song and singer to my attention.  I don’t always get why he likes what he likes, but often enough, I like it too!