Post-racial America

October 20, 2009

Yep, any day now...So, Rudy Giuliani was speaking to a gathering of orthodox Jews in Brooklyn and said that the city’s frightening, crime-ridden days could swiftly return if they don’t come out to vote and give the mayor [Bloomberg] a third term.  You all remember that pogrom in Crown Heights, when that…black guy…was mayor, right?  

Yesterday, Public Advocate-in-waiting Bill de Blasio said Giuliani’s comments verged on “race-baiting” and called on Bloomberg to disavow them to “show that he doesn’t buy into that kind of rhetoric.”

Instead, Bloomberg responded by invoking Detroit as an example of a city that went downhill and is “basically holding on for dear life.

The wrinkled white knight, former Mayor Ed Koch rode to his rescue.  “That isn’t racism, Detroit will never recover.  That’s a fact!” 

Yes, maybe so,  but what does it have to do with NYC? 

Uh…I hope that NYC doesn’t go the way of …Mali, or, uh…the Congo!  It could happen ya know.

Rudy Done

January 30, 2008


With Giuliani’s campaign now at its inevitable ignominious conclusion, I find myself wishing he had done better.  Only because that would have messed up the Republican party for a while longer.  The Republicans – party of:

  • cutting taxes for the richest
  • raising taxes on everybody else
  • fighting stupid and ill-conceived wars
  • prohibiting sodomy
  • making the USA into an officially Christian Nation
  • laissez faire for the biggest corporations

Just Say No to Rudy

November 14, 2007


I cannot understand the attraction of this man for the electorate, no, not on any level. Just to highlight one aspect of his miserable career as mayor of NYC, America’s Mayor, as he likes to call himself, I quote in full this excellent letter to the New York Times from today. The emphasis is added by me.

To the Editor:

Many thanks to Frank Rich for reminding people that after 9/11 Rudolph W. Giuliani tried to destroy democracy in New York City by urging that our elections be postponed so that he could overstay his term. In my experience, many people here have forgotten this shameful attempt at a power grab.

Whenever Mr. Giuliani the candidate says that “they” attacked us because they hate our freedoms and our rights, people should be reminded that his first response to this hatred was to try to strip away our most precious right: the right to vote.

The rest of America needs to know that the person they call “America’s mayor” desperately tried to become “New York’s autocrat.” Mayor Giuliani responded to an emergency by attacking the right of the people to vote. How would a President Giuliani react to an emergency?

Eliot Camaren

New York, Nov. 11, 2007

Rudy Picks ’em!

November 8, 2007

Rudy G. likes to say that one of his strong points as a leader is his ability to pick good people to be on his team. Like any manager/executive, he must rely on advisors and staff to implement his program – nobody can know and do everything. So look at who he picks for major responsibilities and allies!

Bernie Kerik, his lauded police commissioner, is now to be indicted for a variety of felonies, including illegal dealings involving, get this, the MOB! This in an administration of the Mafia busting Rudy G! Like another Great Leader we know, Rudy depends on loyalty, that’s the true measure of a person’s worth. Well, it’s important, you need loyal people, but there is an important line between toadying sychophancy and principled loyalty. Colin Powell found that out. Shall we judge Rudy by his Commish? He didn’t know about all that stuff, of course. (And he wouldn’t have wanted to know if it had been laid out for him either.)

As for Pat, well, everyone is talking about “strange bedfellows”. Talk about rich metaphors. Two men sleeping together! And what a couple they make! Pat just wants an R(Republican) in the office of president, despite the talk recently by some conservatives about how the only thing that matters is having a C (Christian). He’d probably prefer a C (Catholic) to an M (Mormon), so he’s casting his lot with a serial adulterer and fellow traveler with known gays. Makes the separation of Church and State look like a really great idea!