NYC Subway Time

October 11, 2018

With all the talk in the City about the poor and overcrowded state of the subways, I thought it would be a nice time to revisit this video of mine – 40 years old! – made as an homage to the trains.  It is followed by a clip paying homage to 2001 which uses some of the same visual themes.

I made the piece during a summer class in video at NYU.  The camera was about the size of a very large dictionary, and the the recording mechanism was slung over your shoulder and weighed a ton!  I converted the video from 3/4″ tape to DVD several years ago at a video restoration lab in San Francisco.

The late sequence of the train moving through the tunnel as the Saint-Saëns music builds to a climax links the piece to the following bit inspired by 2001 and my night driving on the NJ turnpike.  I have always been a time-space traveler! 🙂

These videos, and others I have made, are available on my MUNDO VIDEO!! page at this blog.

Hangin’ Out Near Highbridge

July 24, 2018

Walking south, I took this shot of my favorite apartment buildings, although you can see only one in this picture.  I like to call it The Sentinel.

S sentinel

The Harlem River is off to the left of this image, looking north from the Highbridge promenade.  A nice view of some premier NYC highway spaghetti.

S spaghetti_1

Yep, NYC sure is beautiful!

S infra

Looking south over The Deegan Expressway and the Harlem RIver, with Manhattan to the right and in the distance.

S loop1

On the Turnpike

December 6, 2017


This is my first attempt at a roadside panorama of the New Jersey Turnpike.  The noise and wind from the traffic, fairly light at that hour, were terrific, and made it difficult for me to concentrate.  Hoping to visit again on a nicer day for some better shots.  Here is a link to the full-sized image.

The view is looking southeast, to my beloved Pulaski Skyway, and then due east, right across the Jersey wetlands with Manhattan in the distance.  The tallest building is the new World Trade Center tower, at the site of the former Twin Towers.