Myers-Briggs Dionysian

June 30, 2009

michaelMyers-Briggs tests categorize individuals according to categories of personality types.  When I think of people like Michael Jackson, I recall the cateogory type of Dionysian, or Dionysian Perfectionist I think it was.  It says a lot about people like him.

I have never been a big fan of Jackson’s music, but his dancing, especially that performance at the Grammy’s long ago, made a big impression on me.  The MB typology indicates a person who is consumed with a desire to create and present, or perform, his creation.  He or she will work tirelessly to get it just right, every detail, always looking for a way to do it better or with a new and more creative element.  Fred Astaire was that way.  Bob Dylan.  The great Vladimir Horowitz.  Olivier.  Artists who live for their work, and never cease to revolve in their minds what their next thing should be.

Doesn’t that describe Michael Jackson?  They are different from most of us…