Waiting in line…

November 4, 2008

waiting to vote

I went to vote this morning, and I had to wait in line for nearly twenty minutes to vote.  GREAT!  Usually I go, and I’m in and out in a jiffy.  Of course, I fear that there will be chaos and some votes won’t be counted, but maybe people are lining up early because they’ve heard so much about the coming crunch, and they all are thinking the same thing:  “I’d better get there early.”  So, maybe it will even out later today.

Well, the nightmare of GWB is coming to end, but as the NYTimes notes in its editorial, the evil genius, Dick Cheney, is furiously directing the issuance of unitary-executive orders to gum up the works of the predecessor.  Well, that can be undone. 

When the Republicans go down in flames, I expect we will be treated to a slew of grand conspiracy theories about why it happened.  The Paranoid Right will have a field day.  As for the Left in the Democratic Party, Obama is not one of them, but if they are patient, they may find that they have an opening to get some real gains for their program…Only if the party delivers on some basic items first.