Split Me 2

September 3, 2018


I’ve done it again, and this time I got it sort of right.  A double exposure, with half of the photo paper target masked in each exposure.  First the upper body exposed, then the legs.  So, my head and torso are pretty still because the sunlight was intense, and I had only to remain immobile for twenty-five seconds, but the problem with strong light and direct exposure to paper is that the contrasts are way too strong.

The image is not as wonderful as I had wanted, of course, not least because the precision of my image splitter is way off, leading to an overexposed middle band that got illuminated in both sessions.  With a camera made of foam board, and a lot of little add-ons to keep the paper in place, I’m not going to try to make this better.


Selfie Trifecta

October 20, 2017


A bright sunny day, and I decided to do three shots of the same subject, each with a different camera.  Naturally, the subject is myself.

The first one, shown above, is with my original box, the modified Stenoflex pinhole, with a laser-drilled 0.2mm aperture, 0.9-inch focal length, f/120.  The iPad meter said about 10 seconds for an exposure:  you can see that I had to rush to sit down after I removed the “shutter” from the camera.  I think that’s my dog to the right of my arm.  I am sitting in a brightly lit spot, but the image falls off all around.

Next up, the same subject with my 0.3mm aperture, 2-inch focal length homemade box, f/169.  The meter said use a 15 second exposure.  The wide angle format loses everything to the right and the left.


Finally, my newest camera obscura, with a new 0.406mm aperture.  I ordered a variety of apertures from a vendor on ebay:  they come as very thin metal rectangular sheets with a precision drilled hole, but the increments are in inches, thus the oddball millimeter value.  This box has a 5-inch focal length, giving it an f/312, and requiring, according to the meter, a 60-second exposure.  You can see that before I reached the chair to sit down after removing the shutter tape that the reflection from the plastic seat back had already registered in the image.  It shows right through me!  My ghost dog appears twice.  Overall, this is my favorite box right now.