Still Life: Still Working…

June 10, 2018


Of course, this was not taken with a pinhole camera.  I used my Canon SX50, or whatever…, and a tripod.  I dropped it yesterday on my visit to Roosevelt Island, and the lens popped out, so this is the first test of whether I put it back together correctly, and it seems okay, although it got slightly scratched.

For some reason, having barcodes on fruit in a still life amuses me:  I doubt I am the first to do this.  Vive la nature morte!


Can’t Get Enough of that Nature Morte

June 9, 2018

Still Life 3abSolar 3a

Back to the Pin Hole

June 8, 2018

NM 2ab.jpg

That’s a coelacanth, and some fruit.  The barcodes got blown out, despite the shady day.