Assimilation of the white race

August 2, 2009


To all the white  people (or pink-skinned, as my daughter called us when she was young) of the USA and the world, here’s a bit of news:  we are a distinct minority.  Regarding this fact, I have three words:  big fuckin’ deal.

Now that we have established that fact, neutral in its import, let’s move on to the anxiety and hysteria that seems to grip some people when this fact is brought to light.  In the USA, people talk darkly of the country turning Hispanic, ceasing to be a white-christian nation.  (See Frank Rich today.) Well, the census tells us that by mid-century, the USA will certainly be a non-white majority nation.  And what will be lost?

In this country, there have always been anti-immigration forces, know-nothings, nativists, and the varied scattering of racist and bigoted groups, but as powerful as they have been from time to time, any fool can see that the basic principles of the Constitution just don’t jive with that point of view, and the entire history of the country is one of immigration.  This makes these groups, however ferocious, laughable in a way.

In Europe, the worry is about the influx of Moslem people.  Well, have more babies if you don’t want them coming in to prop up your welfare state economies, or get over it!  A review of a new book, supposedly quite sane and balanced, concludes:

It is hard to argue with his ultimate observation about Europe today: “When an insecure, malleable, relativistic culture” (Europe’s) “meets a culture that is anchored, confident, and strengthened by common doctrines” (Islam’s), “it is generally the former that changes to suit the latter.”

I wonder what it will look like thirty years from now?  What about the economic power of the existing European establishment – is that going to suddenly convert to Islam?  If Islam is so confident, why are people not staying in their homelands and making a life there?  And, finally, what if European culture changes?  Is that bad?  Is it so transcendentally valuable as it is that any change would be a terrible loss?  I don’t think so.

It is so reminiscent of debates over Jewish assimilation in America and elsewhere.  The horror of it all if Jewish culture were to be diluted and “lost” to the more powerful stream of the host culture.  If that’s how people feel, they are free to make their own ghetto, but I couldn’t care less.

A postscript:

Looking through some websites about this question, most of them revolting, I was struck by the frequency of the juxtaposition of images of beautiful white women with slogans like, “Save your race!”  Granted, these people are a sick and twisted minority, but I find the durability of the link between sex, race, and fear of being overwhelmed by “the other” quite interesting.  Here are two images of women that were compared on one website that was so confusing, I’m not sure that it wasn’t a parody:

ziv_mulatto nordic_white

(The one on the left is supposedly far less beautiful than the one on the right.) Is it fair to compare the headshot on the left, from a book cover, with the cheesecake on the right?  Men will be men, and these sites all seem to be written by men, surprise.  Is there anything to be said about these two other than that they are both beautiful young women?  If one appeals more than the other to some male libido, well, that’s a matter of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, and not the manifestations of eternal principles of human perfection and racial purity.  Such drivel.