The greatest philosopher who never was!

You don’t know who he was?  Read these posts

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11 Responses to The greatest philosopher who never was!

  1. Man of Roma says:

    You devil. You fooled me! 🙂

  2. Man of Roma says:

    Amazing. Et il me semble aussi typiquement français comme jeu. And I wonder why a person like you is so attracted to the French. Is it because the French culture represents the closest ‘otherness’ to the English speaking world? Why not the Russians, or the Chinese?

    • lichanos says:

      Well, I speak French, that’s part of it. I have been attracted to Russian culture off and on. I read a lot about Stalin and their politics and culture, as you can see from my blog. Chinese – I’m just now reading a massive tome on Mao! For a long time, I have felt the need to know more about that place! And I have become friends with a young woman from China who is very interesting, so I’m getting into it.

      Still, in Europe, French history does hold a special attraction. Can’t say I am as interested in England, though as a boy I was a rabid Anglophile, but that was before I started to speak French. Spain, Germany, nada… The history of France in nation-building? The spectacle of the Revolution? Versailles, Louis XIV? The seeming clarity and precision of a language with so many fewer words than English? I dunno…If I had studied Spanish or German in high school, perhaps I would have been hooked on them…

      It all goes back to the little wrinkled woman, Madame Schmidt, an Alsatian, who taught me in 11th and 12th grade! The influence of a teacher!!

  3. Man of Roma says:

    Yes, so true, the influence of a teacher. I had a good English teacher in Ginnasio (junior high school), and a good Greek & Latin teacher in Liceo (high school), and here I am, blogging about the Greeks and the Romans in English!

    Alsatian. So a bit German too. Usually there they are perfectly bilingual and if you are in Strasbourg you think you are in Germany, among the most beautiful.

    I absolutely adore the French, as you know. And from my father’s side (you know also this) we are related to them in many ways.
    But when I said I wanted to blabber in French in your blog a bit – not desiring my French to go the way of the dodo – , I remember you didn’t reply


    Weird, I’s totally forgetful in real life, but when it comes to blogs, I remember every single word that is said in mine or other places. Too late for a shrink I guess.

  4. Man of Roma says:

    among the most beautiful = among the most beautiful German town one can ever see.

  5. Man of Roma says:

    Well, I didn’t mean you ‘had’ to reply me in French. I just felt like writing in French sometimes here. So, your non reply to my ‘may I at times comment in French’ I interpreted as ‘No’, ‘forget it’ & similar. I guess, together with my desire to practise a language closer to my heart than English, I felt kinda freer to express myself in French, thinking perhaps that your readers, often also my readers, wouldn’t understand it.

  6. Man of Roma says:

    And mind you, THIS time a non reply will instead be interpreted as a YES, GO AHEAD with it 🙂

  7. Man of Roma says:

    You asked for it man …. 🙂

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