Poor Nietzsche…

What would Raskolnikov do?

The guy can’t catch a break.  He gets associated with all sorts of difficult types.  First, Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment, then the Nazis, a colorblind silent adolescent in Little Miss Sunshine, and now, the Tuscon shooter:

The new details from Mr. Gutierrez about Mr. Loughner — including his philosophy of anarchy and his expertise with a handgun, suggest that the earliest signs of behavior that may have ultimately led to the attacks started several years ago.

Mr. Gutierrez said his friend had become obsessed with the meaning of dreams and their importance. He talked about reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s book “The Will To Power” …

from the New York Times   


2 Responses to Poor Nietzsche…

  1. troutsky says:

    Dude had quite the reading list. Parent’s will be going over children’s bookshelves ( and vice versa).Not to make light of it, but how many parents wonder if their children, or themselves, are crazy? The councilors I know are swamped already.

  2. zeusiswatching says:

    I think the guy’s reading list really does nothing but reinforce the point that troubled minds will interpret and understand (misunderstand) works differently. I’ve known plenty of people who have read Nietzsche’s works and not grabbed a gun and headed off to public events.

    Perhaps all philosophers deserve more scrutiny, but a disturbed guy with a Glock should be an indictment of anyone else.

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